Body Count: What’s The Current Obsession? And Does It Even Matter? Triple J

He got out of jail, and he wasn’t out of jail for very long, and then he was back in. As far as I know, he’s still there, and the guy has spent the last 10, 15 years there. There’s always exceptions to the rule, and so you have to judge people based on their actions. I had a good friend that came from a really great family, and he was an alcoholic train wreck, and a liar and a dirtbag.

Part 5: How to Monitor If Your Kid Is Using «Body Count» Slang Word

But no woman has ever had a problem with me being promiscuous. Why are there so many tradcath larpers on this board? Unless you are the most alpha/chad dick she has ever experienced. For casual sex it’s not other than risk of STDs. She will probably be better at sex than a virgin.

Do you care how many people someone’s slept with?

Now, when women stop doing that, that’s when you have to worry. And this is great, because it helps him to make an informed decision on whether or not he’s going to make the exception to go ahead and marry a woman with a high body count. It’s like, “Hey, let’s let’s get together, let’s have sex, but let’s not get to know each other at all, because I don’t really care.

What Your Body Count Says About You

You are called a rapist if you commit a single rape. A murderer if you kill a single person. Having sex outside of marriage ‘only’ once is no different in structure.

A common misconception is that sleeping with multiple people will loosen a woman’s vaginal muscles. This is where the term “loose women” comes from, and it’s a myth that’s not based in any fact whatsoever. You can sleep with two people or 200 people and still have the same vaginal tightness.

These kinds of folks will do nothing for your self-love status. People with a higher body count have a higher chance of cheating. This is a common statistic that’s repeated on online forums, usually relating to women. There are some studies that suggest there’s truth to this. However, not all people with a high body count cheat—and saying otherwise isn’t cool.

Your argument is that other people behave differently due to different values, but your disgust at whores is detached from values. No, just a poor understanding of my own argument. I don’t care to re-explain it though, it is a waste of time because in case you didn’t notice, I’m disgusted by whores. It’s just people like you who would even take it seriously, but it’s obvious to people who want to wait that you don’t understand the mindset. I’m not religious, and ‘dating’ is just shorthand for «evaluating a potential spouse», which needn’t and shouldn’t involve sex.

There’s also the stigma surrounding it. Sometimes, the only reason people care about a person’s body count is that they are just afraid of the blowback they’d get if others found out. Being bullied or shunned over who you’re dating can be painful, you know. Like in her case, she had a girlfriend that obviously had some issues and was seeking validation and attention in the bed of just random men. So, it’s not a good way to go, because it’s just something that’s going to leave you feeling empty. Like I said, it’s like glorified masturbation.

By almost any measure, women are more sexually conservative than men. Why, exactly, would a person’s behavior and treatment of relationships NOT matter to their relationships? I’d argue that it’s the main thing that matters.

Why Body Count Shouldn’t Matter

I mean, that’s really the only reason that you’re going to need that. Because you don’t have to be married to have a great relationship and have kids. She had a missing father in her life, obviously. And she wasn’t used to somebody getting to know her and actually really wanting to know what made her tick and what she was about.

It’s just a person living their life imo. I find it irrelevant if she slept with 2 or 30 people as long as we share the same views on relationships. You can feel whatever way you want about it. Just don’t be a dick to other people. And don’t date someone with a higher body count and then spend the entire relationship grousing and denigrating them over it, as so many do.

There are a million things that are more important than the number of people you’ve slept with—character, integrity, practicing safe sex, having a good sense of humor… But the bottom line, the day after you become exclusive, she gave her number out to somebody else. Was it because the relationship was still new, and she had doubts that it was going to work out? I mean, at the end of the day, she did what she did. But anything other than that, it’s like, there’s no evidence of anything else.

In a relationship, it is important to know your partner’s «body count», or how many people they have slept with. It can help you gauge their level of sexual experience and help you make informed decisions about your sexual activity with them. The body count is a term often used for sexual encounters. It generally refers to the number of people with whom a person has had sexual intercourse. The term is often used about men and is often seen as a way to measure a man’s sexual prowess in recent years. If you don’t care about a couple noncommittal sexual partners, and even expect to be one of them, then you have no right or reason to get all twisted up about a few more than that.