Who Is Jack Manifold Dating? The Popular Youtuber’s Personal Life

Nihachu is one of the most famous German Youtuber, Twitch Streamers, and social media influencers. She is professionally generally recognized as Nihachu, but her actual name is Nikita Nihachu. This content creator has managed to scale life’s issues to create the life he needs. First of all, it must be saved in mind that Soot came onto www.hookupranking.net/pernals-review/ the show and eradicated every member current besides Niki. Later, it was established that even Niki is interested in Wilbur.

She streamed trying American cereal with Minx on her twitch. The subsequent day, her, QT and Slickr went to Disney World together. In February/March 2022, Niki traveled again to Berlin, Germany to obtain her ID and passport. While visiting, she met up with a couple of German content creators, including Meowriza, meniah, nopeify, HandlOflBlood, F1NN5TER, and extra.

Family life

Sapnap would get his pets and gadgets he lost whereas keeping Niki’s fish if he won. Sapnap gained the duel however returned Niki’s fish to Fundy as a sign of peace. Everything settled into an uneasy peace and Fundy finally returned the fish to the bakery. Also,  Beelloon later went missing throughout Fundy’s try and relocate it but it’s unknown whether or not Niki is conscious of this.

Eventually, Technoblade popped in for a second to make his well-known joke of joining the server, saying his personal identify and then leaving. Tommy pulled him into a call with them and claimed that Drista was the winner of a contest where the prize was to satisfy Techno. Drista pretended to be Techno’s biggest fan, berating him in an identical joking manner as she had to Tommy.


In the aftermath of the struggle, the trio headed to L’Manberg. Drista gave bedrock to Tubbo, and Techno managed to kill Tubbo and decide up the bedrock. It is the second piece of bedrock currently within the possession of gamers. She positioned a shulker field which Punz broke and managed to take, sparking plenty of chaos within the process. Punz rapidly logged off, and the conflict calmed down until Tommy advised Drista to do the command «/ban Dream.» She as a substitute responded by banning Technoblade, Tubbo, and Sam. Tommy and Drista then continued working on Intimidation Tower for some time until she determined to leave, and Tommy ended the stream.

Initially, Dream hopped on the SMP as a cameo to say he was out of jail jokingly throughout a stream with Drista on March 28, 2021.[7] However, the 2 decided to return to the SMP and hang out. He and Drista obtained items from the Community House and the nether hub, and the two joined VC with Ranboo, who spoke with the two shortly. Drista then toured the Big Innit Hotel, and in the course of the tour, Quackity and Jack Manifold joined the voice chat. Drista acted as if she was Dream, and Jack found Drista in the lodge and began charging her. Drista then jumped out the window, walked back to Jack, and teleported Quackity to them.[8] The three started messing round, and Drista jokingly killed Jack and Quackity on and off. Nihachu has achieved several followers on her social media websites.

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Her beliefs change to anarchist ones, but she also needs to rekindle her old L’Manberg habits. Nihachu headed back to Berlin, Germany, in February or March 2022 to amass her ID and identification. While visiting, she got along with a few German content material makers, including Meowriza, HandlOflBlood, meniah, nopeify, F1NN5TER, and so forth.

Her attempts at de-escalating the scenario in the end failed, as Fundy pressured Niki into killing Sapnap’s fox Skechers. A few hours later, Dream demanded proof that they have been in possession of the fish. Tommy proved that they had the 2 fish and started making his calls for. Dream taunted Tommy by enjoying Tommy’s “Mellohi” disc, beginning a new battle between him, Tubbo, and Tommy.

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This well-known personality is legendary for being in a relationship with a social media personality generally recognized as Wilbur Soot. These two characters have not clarified but about their relationship publicly. Wilbur Soot showed up at the Rajjchelors relationship exhibition in Feb 2020, where he coordinated with Nihachu. However, the gamer woman desires to maintain her private life under the radar.